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bolivian soldiers held in chile return home 2

Bolivian soldiers located in Chile return home
Four Bolivian soldiers, have been detained throughout Chile in Present cards causing tensions between the two others who live nearby to rise, get home home. A Chilean courtroom ruled how the three, who were arrested for spanning into Chile moving a rifle, would not have to confront trial. As a substitute, they were able to return to Bolivia on Friday. Under all of the agreement hit, the three fellas will have to keep from entering Chile for one year. Interaction between Chile in addition to Bolivia have in times past been negative, KAL Online Geon with Bolivia working to reclaim all the Pacific seacoast it misplaced to Chile in the war eco-friendly tea's health benefits century past. Bolivian President Evo Morales asked that Chile apologise into the soldiers to the arrest. Chilean Currency Minister Alfredo Moreno exhorted the Bolivian military services to instruct the nation's soldiers in order to refrain from traveling the national boundaries illegally,
Bolivian military held in Chile go back home
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